provides health in every stage

and moment of your life


Commercializes prescription and over-the-counter generics.

Primary Care

Commercializes innovative prescription pharmaceuticals.

Specialty Care

Today has presence in 2 therapeutic areas: Immunology and Oncology.

Consumer Health

Offers a diverse portfolio of over-the-counter brands.


Is a company that receives the experience and trajectory of Dynamics Corporation,
moving forward with a new portfolio of world-class pharmaceuticals that make a
great difference to patients.

Vital Net has its own Research and Development Center, and specialized in different
pharmaceutical forms, with state-of- the-art processes, technology and resources.
We also have Distribution Centers that run with very strict Good Warehousing practices,
ensuring the high quality of all our products and their timely and complete delivery
to our clients.

In Vital Net we work hard every day for the life of millions of people, providing
health in every stage and every moment of their life. Offering more than just an
excellent product… providing the possibility of living longer. “the life is our reason
for existence, and our future”.